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The Cèdre Bellevue is on Thu, 17.06. evening, Fri, 18.06. evening and Sat, 19.06. evening completely booked. We are still happy to accept reservations at our other two locations.

We look forward to your visit. Please use our form below for online bookings. Please note that bookings are only valid once confirmed by us. Booking requests are processed within 12 hours. For bookings at shorter notice, please call us on:


Le Cèdre: 044 241 42 72  OPEN

Le Cèdre Bellevue: 044 252 83 70 OPEN

Le Cèdre Maurice: 044 221 98 02 OPEN


For Le Cèdre Maurice on Nüschelerstrasse you can also make reservations using our online booking tool.

If direct reservation is not possible, the deposited contingent will be used up. You are welcome to send us a reservation request using the reservation form below, 

we usually still have free places available:




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